Get all those COVID e-mail test results into a spreadsheet

12th January 2022

I’ve open-sourced my first efforts on reading an IMAP mailbox and tabulating the COVID-19 test results found there. The search is done via IMAP and only the matching e-mails are processed. No changes are made to the mailbox.

What’s the point? Well, in places like care homes where many tests are done every day, the e-mails are often sent to one person who then laboriously enters them into a spreadsheet. This allows them to work out who should be isolating (having received a positive test) and who is available for work.

I imagine a future feature for this could be calculations of isolation periods (as they should be based on the positive test date, rather than on when the e-mailed test result arrived) and some integration of data about who is being tested – are they staff or visitors, for example?

Please try it and let me know how you get on. Naturally, I can provide paid consultancy around these and similar matters…

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