Living and working

Solve for reality

Don’t convert a client problem to match your usual methods. Solve for reality. After years in business in a solutions provider role, we often have tried and tested approaches, and of course, it can often help to have some guidance for how your organisation should provide its offerings, particularly as you grow. But don’t forget: […]

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Work from where works for you

It’s 2020 and we can dismiss a lot of prescriptive “wisdom” around what effective working patterns look like now. Where we need to be consistent is in our interfaces with others in business. We need to do and deliver what we say we will, in a spirit of “ask once”. But how and importantly, where […]

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Visiting Google in King’s Cross

Interesting stories start in interesting buildings. It’s always good to come into London to see my cousin Lorna, a proud Googler of some nine years now. She’s a strong advocate for the brand as well as the company as an employer. I’m a heavy user of Google technology in my day-to-day life as many of […]

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