Visiting Google in King’s Cross

15th January 2020

Interesting stories start in interesting buildings.

It’s always good to come into London to see my cousin Lorna, a proud Googler of some nine years now. She’s a strong advocate for the brand as well as the company as an employer.

I’m a heavy user of Google technology in my day-to-day life as many of us are. Google is in our homes (or our boats!), serving our mail, controlling our appliances, keeping our diary. There seem to be few areas where other companies operate successfully that Google hasn’t penetrated or at least made inroads. I’m a long-term user of Tripit but in the last year or so, Google has started to do a pretty good job of pulling out event and travel confirmations from my Gmail. Of course, what they can do with their penetration of my life that Tripit can’t is get our Google Home to remind me of those events. And as good as the Tripit app is, it’s not the polished user experience offered by Google’s Android apps.

Google has our backs at work as well. In my line of work AWS is always the first consideration. Developers love the dependability of the APIs and DevOps and Ops types like me really enjoy the pipeline options for getting products into production. But no one is ignoring the Google Cloud Platform offerings and I have worked on some interesting projects in Python on the App Engine which takes a really different approach to what would be familiar to AWS experts, particularly in providing an SSH console for staging projects before deployment into the cloud.

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